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The latest beta of Persevere features a new native object storage engine called JavaScriptDB that provides high-end scalability and performance. Persevere now outperforms the common PHP and MySQL combination for accessing data via HTTP by about 40% and outperforms CouchDB by 249%. The new storage engine is designed and optimized specifically for persisting JavaScript and JSON data with dynamic object structures. It is also built for extreme scalability, with support for up to 9,000 petabytes of JSON/JS data in addition to any binary data.




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Some of you maybe remember that I had added some security related features in Ajax.NET Professional. It is possible to put an AJAX token or to simple encrypt the data that gets over the lines. With Silverlight we get the System.Security.Cryptography namespace on the client – before it was not very easy to encrypt a string without any plug-in (well, there are some implementations of Blowfish available in JavaScript). (more…)

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